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First Customer Purchase from PrintShop
24th September 2010

Facebook Page Launched
9th June 2009

Shop opened
18th May 2007

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Artwork Submitted to PrintShop
10th April 2007

Commissioned Artwork
20th February 2006

Chose Supplier - PrintShop
17th February 2006

Devised Allergy Alert Wear concept
16th February 2006





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Allergy Alert Wear

relieving the stress of living with allergies.


Have you given up eating out?

Do you have to watch your kids EVERY second at parties?

Do you have to interrogate every waiter, waitress, cook or chef?

Would a stranger know what's wrong if you collapsed?


Allergy Alert Wear has a solution to all of this!


An alert message the size of your whole body!

A warning as plain as the shirt on your chest!


Some t-shirts are sexy

Some t-shirts are funny

Allergy Alert Wear t-shirts
might just save your life!




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