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About Allergy Alert Wear

What is Allergy Alert Wear?

Allergy Alert Wear is a company providing practical tools to help allergy sufferers and their carers identify the requirements of their condition in simple yet powerful ways.


Why Allergy Alert Wear was created

Allergy Alert Wear was created by a concerned parent whose children, and themselves, suffer from potentially life threatening allergies.

We had all but given up eating at restaurants or having takeaways, my children had to have packed lunches at school, playgroups were a nightmare, and I couldn't even leave them at friends birthday parties, for fear of some well meaning person giving them food that could hospitalise them!

If you are a parent or carer of children with allergies, I'm sure some of these will sound familiar to you too.

I decided that this had to change. My children were missing out because of the ignorance of people I had to entrust with their care.

I needed a method to reliably inform and constantly remind my children's carers of the requirements of their condition, importance of vigilance and consequences of even the most innocent mistake.

My primary concern is that I can protect my children from the ignorance I encounter almost every day. Children cannot necessarily explain the requirements of their condition, often are not aware of the risks, or consequences of an innocent mistake, and rarely have the confidence to challenge adults in a position of trust, who often presume to know better.


The Solution

Something UNMISSABLE, something as obvious as the shirt on your chest!

I have secured the services of a company called PrintShop, to print t-shirts, other clothing, mugs, mouse mats, and additional items. PrintShop will produce these products with my designs for you, and us, to wear and use with pride.

Of course the clothing comes in adult sizes too! Grown-ups, have allergies as well, but even if you don't what better way to support and encourage your children than wearing the same t-shirts, making the message even more powerful and much harder to miss!

I hope to expand the product range to include many other items, suitable for use in any environment.


The Future

Allergy Alert Wear are determined to change the perceptions of the general public regarding allergies and those who suffer from them.

I aim to provide people with the tools to make their allergies apparent to everyone charged with their care. To educate those without an understanding of the requirements of each condition, and to do so in a simple, obvious ways.


Reaching Out

I will be sending information to schools, playgroups, restaurants, and anyone I can think of, to raise awareness of these products, so that they can be readily identified when seen. Of course, I hope they will all buy some too!

Reaching everyone will take time, so if you want to help spread the word, print out the leaflet here and give it to your local school, playgroup, nursery, restaurant, etc. and let me know too, please. Alternatively, buy your Allergy Alert Wear t-shirt today, and you could be wearing it within a week.


Allergy Alert Wear Artwork

The artwork used in the current range of Allergy Alert Wear products is based on commissioned works by prolific and versatile Devon artist Andrew Braddon.

They are truly unique and outstanding. I am sure you will find that no other products come close to providing the clarity of message conveyed by the Allergy Alert Wear range.



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