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Allergy Alert Wear Mission Statement


Allergy Alert Wear Aims to:

Widen awareness of allergies, related conditions, sufferers and their needs.

Challenge the perceptions of all people towards allergy sufferers.

Eliminate the negative stigma, that allergy sufferers are "just being difficult".

Empower allergy suffers to easily obtain the same level of service and care afforded to other customers of food serving businesses.

To promote a persons allergy as a feature of their being, a feature they should not be ashamed of, it is no different than having blonde hair, brown eyes, or being tall.

The requirements of food allergy sufferers can be life threatening , they have the right to be taken as every bit as seriously as a person who is vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc.

To provide people with the tools to make their requirements clear and obvious, even to people not familiar with their condition.




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